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The following links direct to web sites that provide some of the most reliable sources for free craft patterns and other related information online about Agen Bola Terpercaya without restricting you to a single domain. We call it out-linking and are dedicated in the pursuit of exposing these terrific and often hard to find craft sites.

We carefully screen all submissions and spend hours searching for free pattern craft sites that offer great content so you don't have to... Enjoy!

Most are personally run sites that exist for the love their craft.
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  • (New Listing 5/17/04) Quiltbug 2's Quilting- Alice of "I LOVE QUILTS" with a nice selection of free applique websites she came across with help from a few friends.


  • Basketmakers.org- Free Basketry Pattern Sources.
  • WeaveNet.Com- Basket crafts by state with events, pictures, freebies, suppliers and more... hosted by Peter & Lisha.

Beading & Jewelry

  • Bead Fairies- A terrific resource for bead workers. Go to "Learning" on left.
  • Eileen's Favorite Camp Crafts- Beadie animal page hosts a large listing of places on the web for bead patterns and projects.


  • Candle Cauldron- A non-profit site dedicated to helping candle makers since 1997.

Charity Craft Sites

  • (New Listing 5/27/04) Hugs and Stitches- Baby items and links http://agensbobet5758.com to other charity sites that donate knitted or crochet hats, booties and other items to newborns in hospitals and the less fortunate in shelters.


  • Barbs Free Needle Craft Patterns- Place where there are many crochet patterns along with other needle craft resources.
  • Crochet Treasures- Over 900 vintage crochet patterns.
  • BellaOnline- Crochet host Eva Owsians off site links to free crochet patterns.
  • (New Listing 4/19/04) Free Crochet and Needle Craft Pattern Site- At least two new free crochet patterns or free knitting patterns are added monthly.
  • (New Listing 4/28/04) Crochet Pattern Central- Directory of free crochet pattern links with over 80 categories to choose from. Tricks & tips page and more...

Cross Stitch & Embroidery

  • (New Listing 5/29/04) Kim's CrossStitch Directory- Check out Freebies area.
  • Kirsten's Free Cross Stitch Patterns- For the love of free cross stitch patterns!
  • Cheryl's Creations- Free cross stitch patterns and graphics, hobbies and crafts.
  • (New Listing 4/21/04) Kim Burford- Cross stitch, tatting and more. Links for free charts and patterns.
  • (New Listing 4/23/04) CSR Free Chart List- Tripod member with a nice compiled list of free patterns and other cross stitch interests.
  • (New Listing 4/25/04) Jenny's Free Cross Stitch Pattern Links- Free cross stitch patterns of birds, ladybug, butterfly, and southwest designs. Very large listing! Hosted by BirdCrossStitch.com
  • (New Listing 4/26/04) Sue's Cross Stitch Freebie Finder- Recent Additions, Complete List, and "Themes & Things". Intensive list from Australia!

Doll Patterns

  • Cloth Doll Connection- Designers, Classes, Classifieds, Fabric and Supplies, Doll Clubs, Free Patterns, Tips, Discussion Groups, Doll Showcase and MORE from site http://indolivebet88.com!

Floral & Decorating

  • MyBrushStroke.com- Nice list of decorative painting sites as well as other home craft decor ideas.


  • (New Listing 4/30/04) Christmas Links for Woodworkers- Holiday projects, plans, music, stories, recipes, and much more.


  • Knitting On The Net- Barbara Breiter's Knittingonthenet.com, your source for free knitting patterns.


  • coming soon!


  • (New Listing 4/21/04) Art Glass World- Mosaic mirror, holiday ideas and free stepping stone or coaster pattern.


  • 2 busystitching.com- Cross Stitch, Hardanger and Needle crafts.
  • (New Listing 4/24/04) Needlepoint Resources- Free needlepoint kit, canvas, pillow and patterns!


  • (New Listing 5/17/04) Creased.com- An origami greeting card company based in New York City with an extensive link page covering many paper folding topics.

Plastic Canvas

  • FREE Plastic Canvas Patterns- A dedicated crafter in plastic canvas.


  • Quilting Passion- Hundreds of quilt patterns!
  • Cats & Quilts- Is there a connection? This place would know, no doubt! Check out the free patterns for cats who quilt :)
  • (New Listing 4/30/04) Free Quilt Patterns- Over 725 different sites linked. Thousands of free quilt patterns from this amazing list!
  • (New Listing 4/30/04) FreeQuilt.com- Applique patterns to tips and techniques with everything in between.

Rubber Stamping

  • www.bydonovan.com- Rubber Stamping resource page by Donovan.


  • (New Listing 5/18/04) CraftAndFabricLinks.com- Free sewing and crafting patterns, free sewing book, question and answer forum.
  • Lily Abello's Sewing Resource Guide- A very large compiled listing of sewing destinations online including free patterns.
  • Denver Fabrics- Largest fabric store in the Rocky Mountain region and a family owned business with a 23 year history. Over flowing free pattern list!

Stained Glass

  • Free Stained Glass Patterns on the Web- Most complete free stained glass pattern listing online.
  • Mike's Stained Glass- Free patterns and many other stained glass areas of interest.
  • The Store Finder- A list of free stained glass pattern sites online for printing and download.
  • Stained Glass Pattern Group at MSN- A group devoted to sharing stained glass patterns!


  • (New Listing 5/19/04) Pretty Impressive Stuff- Educational & free pattern sites.

Tole Painting

  • (New Listing 5/19/04) Busy Bee Crafts- List of free tole patterns, lessons, tips and more!


  • Absolutely Free Plans- "The Free Woodworking Plans website". Boat plans, clip art, games, holiday related, indoor & outdoor, kids projects and more!
  • Jeff Greef Woodworking- General wood related links including free plans and quite the long list it claims to be... A must visit site!
  • (New Listing 5/08/04) Bit-Grip link page- Help area, free woodworking plans, renovation, preservation and more.
  • (New Listing 6/02/04) FREE Woodworking Plans - Furniture Projects. Over 21,100 links to free wood shop ideas and plans!

General Craft Resources

  • (New Listing 5/17/04) Needlecrafting with Teresa- For the love of all needlecrafts... Crochet, cross stitch, quilting, sewing, knitting & embroidery.
  • Stargazer's World- Opening page is interesting for Trek fans... Be sure to check out the Craft Links Index. Quite intense listing!
  • Classic Cross Stitch- Elaine's remarkable "other sites" list. Free patterns and craft ideas also!
  • Craft And Fabric Links- Off site directory of free craft patterns by Craftandfabriclinks.com
  • Diane's Crafts- Links to different pattern sites including woodworking, sewing, knitting, craft projects and more!
  • Arts and Crafts Galore- Free patterns for crocheting, plastic canvas, knitting, needle point, beading, rubber stamping, to recipes online.
  • (New Listing 4/22/04) Patternpage.com- Online catalog of free craft patterns.
  • (New Listing 4/24/04) Mary's Craft Corner- Free patterns and project sites.
  • (New Listing 4/27/04) Motley's Free Craft Links- Free craft articles, patterns, craft projects and more...
  • (New Listing 4/30/04) Canadian Free Stuff- Free craft patterns from crochet to free woodcraft patterns.

Other Interesting Crafts

  • Coming soon! Angel Crafts
  • (New Listing 4/21/04) CraftyBirds- Free birdhouse craft patterns and scroll saw patterns.
  • (New Listing 4/28/04) Wedding Crafts Page- Wedding & related craft projects found online.
  • (New Listing 4/30/04) Free Christian Craft Patterns- List of religious creativity sites for kids and home crafts.

Directories & Other Craft Resources

  • Google Directory- Arts ~ Crafts by category.
  • Yahoo Arts ~ Crafts- Basketry to woodworking.
  • dmoz Arts: Crafts- Open Directory Project. Human-edited directory of the Web.
  • The Crafts Fair OnLine- Directory of arts & crafts.
  • American Craft Directory- Folk artists, events calendar, supplies, patterns, projects and other related craft information.
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